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Викарият на Западния обряд

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Създаване на Викарията
===Създаване на Викарията===
НА На 31 Май 1958 г. антиохийският патриарх [[Александър III (Тахан]], след съвещаване с главите на останалите автокефални Правослани църкви, разрешава благославя на митрополита на Ню Йорк Антоний (Башир) да създаде Западния се служи по [[Западен обряд ]] в Антиохийската Православна Християнска архиепископия за Северна Америка. През месец август на същата година митрополит Антоний издава декрет за създаването на Викарият на Западния обряд в своят диоцез.
:The late Metropolitan Antony (Bashir) of the Syrian Antiochian Archdiocese, was approached by leaders and individuals of various bodies. He always made it his policy to thoroughly investigate such seekers of unity with the Church, and has had occasion to refuse several. At the same time, however, in desiring to extend and implement Orthodoxy’s mission in America, Metropolitan Antony realized that there were also those outside of communion with the Church who were sincerely seeking the truth, who were desirous of becoming engrafted to the vine of Christ. After considerable meditation of the problem and taking into consideration the action of the Church elsewhere in the world, namely France, he came to the conclusion that the use of a Western rite in America could be of importance in facilitating the return to the Church of separated Western Christians in America. He turned for guidance to the late Patriarch Alexander III of Antioch who, in May, 1958, after consultation with the other Autocephalous Churches, gave an affirmative reply. Forwarding to the Metropolitan an Arabic translation of the famous 1936 Ukase of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Patriarch of Antioch authorized Metropolitan Antony to "take the same action, leaving to your Orthodox zeal and good judgment the right to work out the details in the local situations."[http://www.westernorthodox.com/anthony]